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Mold Center

Set product development, design, mold 

manufacturing, one-stop manufacturers



Equipment Center

 We have a group of advanced machinery production 

equipment, high reputation and quality.



Mold Flow Analysis

First-class mold processing technology, integrating 

R&D and production


About Us

TJ Plastoolchn co.,ltd,was found in May 2017, an investment of 25 million CNY(4 million USD), is located in Kunshan city, where is very near to Shanghai within one hour driving time .The factory covers an area of 3500m2, focus on the high quality injection tooling for exterior and interior for automotive components.The company has 40 employees, the average more than 10 years of experience in the tooling design and manufacturing, very familiar with vehicle industrialization procedure and standard ; most engineer's have large mold and high quality mold development system knowledge . The company's machines and equipment are all with high quality.

Contact Us

TJ Plastoolchn co.,ltd

Contact:Sales MN

TEL:0512 33326918

FAX:0512 33326918

E-Mail :[email protected]

ADDRESS:Building D, No. 366, Yuyang Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province 

(Pingqian International Modern Industrial Park)

Company News

Industry news

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